4 Personal Injury Case Secrets You Need To Know

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If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident or been injured through no fault of your own, you may be facing a personal injury case. Don't let an accident claim intimidate or overwhelm you with its complexity. With the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer and understanding of these 4 personal injury case secrets, you can increase the chances your claim will be successful and you will receive a substantial settlement for your injuries or the injuries to your loved ones and the resulting financial damages. 

1. Beware If the Insurance Company Seems in a Hurry to Settle Your Case

There are really only a couple of reasons an insurance company is interested in settling a case as quickly as possible. They are generally only in a hurry if they think they can get away with settling the case for much less than it's actually worth, or they're afraid they don't have enough evidence in the event of a trial. If neither of those things are true, then it doesn't matter to the insurance company how long it takes for the case to resolve. If your insurance company seems to be moving things along fairly quickly, be wary of their actions and don't settle early no matter how much pressure they put on you to do so. 

2. Utilize the Lesser Known Expenses to Increase Your Claim 

Most everyone understands that major medical bills after an accident are submitted under a personal injury claim. However, did you know that all of the minor expenses you incur as a result of your accident should be included too? Costs for over the counter medication or medical supplies, the cost of hiring a housekeeper, the cost for having a taxi take you to and from your doctor's appointments and even costs for psychological counseling due to the trauma of the accident can all be included in your claim. 

3. Make Sure the Reserve Account Is High Enough

When you file your accident cliam, your insurance company sets aside an amount of money in a "reserve" account based on how much they think the accident is worth at that time. If the amount of the damages don't exceed the claims reserve, it's unlikely you will have much difficulty getting the funds. However, if the reserve account is much lower than the actual damages of the accident, the reserve has to be increased before the damages can be paid. This can make your case more challenging. When submitting your initial claim, make sure that the seriousness of the accident and the resulting injuries are fully documented. You may also be able to work directly with the insurance adjuster to have the reserve increased. 

4. Keep Your Medical Records Under Wraps

While your insurance company is privvy to your medical records, the insurance company of the other party may not be. Don't sign a blanket medical release that gives the other party complete access to your medical record, because they may be able to use this information against you. Instead, if you absolutely must send them records, only send them what they need yourself. Never allow the opponent's insurance company to have unrestricted access to your medical records.

Accident claims are often complex and difficult to understand. There are many more "secrets" to a personal injury case that only an attorney will know, which makes working closely with an experienced personal injury attorney throughout your case extremely valuable. If you were injured in any way or involved in an accident, contact a skilled personal injury lawyer, like one at Hardee and Hardee LLP, as soon as possible to discuss your case.