Car Crash Foot Injuries: Four Financial Impacts For Independent Wrestlers

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Wrestling on the independent circuit means that you will be traveling all over the United States to perform, compete, and earn money at various venues. When traveling on the road to different wrestling events, one of the worst things that can happen is getting involved in a car accident. When a car accident injury damages your foot, you could miss a lot of time developing your pro wrestling career. If you decide to move forward with a settlement case, there are four financial factors to consider besides your medical bills. Each of these factors can make a large impact on the final settlement amount that you receive from a liable party involved with the accident.

Missed Wrestling Events

Whether it's a full time job or you're just a weekend performer, missing wrestling events could have a huge impact on your income. When moving forward with a settlement case, all of this lost income should be compensated for through your case. One of the more obvious forms of lost income is the amount that was lost for events you were booked for and had to cancel. Along with the lost performance fees, you have lost extra income through merchandising sales or autographs sessions.

It's also important to consider future wrestling events that you may miss due to a foot injury. For example, if you averaged five to ten events a month, then that average should be used to help calculate the amount of income you missed for each month you had to heal through your injury. Pay stubs, payment schedules, and wrestler contracts can all be used to showcase the income totals.

Physical Therapy

In the world of pro wrestling, feet are extremely important for performing moves, running around the ring, and climbing on turnbuckles. After a car accident, you may need to attend physical therapy sessions to help get your foot back into wrestling condition. Sports therapy can help you build the strength and ability to put weight on the foot and properly heal different bones or damaged tendons. In some cases, your health insurance may not cover the costs of this therapy. If this is the case, then an attorney can seek compensation for the sessions through your settlement case. Along with sessions you've already paid out of pocket for, a settlement case may include sessions that you need in the future.

Wrestling Training

Along with physical therapy, you may need to pay for some training classes that help you get back into the ring. Informally known as ring rust, it's important to go through some training before you step foot back into the ring. This can help you avoid sloppy mistakes and problems that occur when you have not been actively wrestling. Training classes may be needed for a few weeks before you are ready to wrestle. If this is the case, you can use bills from these classes within your settlement case. A lawyer can help you get reimbursed for the full costs of the training classes and any extra items that you need to purchase for the class.

Adaptive Wrestling Equipment

Some foot injuries that occur in a car accident may never fully heal or your foot might not return to its original condition. If this is the case, then you may need some adaptive equipment before heading back into the wrestling ring. Special boots with extra padding, ankle braces, and foot braces are just a few pieces of equipment that are possibly needed for the ring. Instead of paying for this equipment yourself, the costs can be included in a settlement case.

Contact an attorney to help plan out your case and seek a settlement that fits your needs. You can visit a site like to get in touch with a law firm. As a professional wrestler, there are many specifics to consider as you plan your future and a possible return to the ring.