Why You May Be Suspected Of Submitting A Fraudulent Car Accident Claim

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When you submit a car accident claim, the insurance company needs to be confident that your claim is genuine if it is to process it as soon as possible. The process will delay if the insurance company even suspects that the claim isn't genuine. Here are four things that may make your claim suspect:

You Don't Have a Police Report

Nobody in their right mind would call a police to the scene of a fake accident. Therefore, police reports are some of the things insurance companies use to confirm the authenticity of accidents. It is also the reason insurance companies want you to call the police in case your car is damaged or you are injured in an accident. Presenting a claim without a police report raises suspicions.

Your Statements Aren't Inconsistent

Whether you have a police report or not, the consistency or inconsistency of your claims will be used to judge your honesty. You will be dealing with several parties throughout your claim process, and your statements to all of them need to be consistent. Your statements to the police, the insurance adjuster, and to your doctor should be the same. You will be suspected of fraud the moment you start mixing up your statements, for example, complaining of head injuries to the adjuster without mentioning a head injury to your doctor.

Your Actions Are Delayed

Many people don't go home and forget about their accidents; they seek medical attention and start the claim process as soon as possible. Acting promptly mitigates your injuries and damages, preserves evidence, and also helps you to get your compensation as soon as possible.  That is the nature of human beings, and you will be suspected of fraud if you don't exhibit the same nature. For example, if you are likely to be suspected of fraud if you are making a report for an accident that occurred a week ago and which nobody has ever heard of.

Witness Testimony Don't Agree With Your Claims

Lastly, you should also brace yourself for suspected fraud if witnesses are making claims that are inconsistent with your statements. Take an example where you are claiming that you were hit from behind during a traffic stop while witnesses are claiming that you actually backed into the other motorist. The insurance company will have to investigate the case thoroughly to confirm that your claim isn't fraudulent. 

Sometimes, you may be suspected of fraud even if you have a perfectly genuine claim. Consult a personal injury attorney if you suspect your claim isn't being treated seriously or is taking longer than usual.