Think That You Might Have A Warrant? Contact A Bail Bonds Agent

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There are generally a couple of ways that you'll learn if you have a warrant out for your arrest. One is to find the police knocking on your door or stopping you in traffic and arresting you — and another is to proactively inquire as to whether you have a warrant. If you're in this situation and are leaning toward the latter approach, you don't necessarily have to drop by your local police station. Another idea is to contact a bail bonds agency, explain your situation, and ask the agent to look up whether there are any warrants in your name. Here are three reasons that going this route is a good one.

You Have Time To Get Your Affairs Together

When you learn from a police officer that there's a warrant out for your arrest, you don't have any choice about what happens next — you'll be in handcuffs and in police custody. This won't necessarily be the case, at least not right away, when you make your inquiry through a bail bonds agency, however. This is especially true if you call, rather than drop by the agency in person. Over the phone, you'll learn if there's a warrant for you. If so, you can take a little time to get any necessary affairs in order, such as making arrangements for childcare for your children.

The Agent Can Explain The Process To You

Unless you have an extensive history with the criminal justice system, you may be uncertain about what it means to have a warrant out for your arrest. A police officer is more interested in taking you into custody than explaining the process to you, but this isn't the case when you go through a bail bonds agent. He or she can take some time to explain the charges, the bail process, and walk you through the next steps that need to happen.

You Might Not Spend Any Time In Jail

When a police officer arrests for you an outstanding warrant, you'll spend some time in jail until you're able to secure bail. When you contact a bail bonds agency to ask about any warrants in your name, it's possible that you won't be jailed. In many cases, you'll be able to work with the agent to secure your bail, and then visit the local police station with the bail bonds agent. You'll need to be processed, but because your agent may be able to pay your bail right away, it's possible that you'll be back out of custody without having to spend a few hours or longer behind bars.

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