Private Disability Insurance And Why It Might Be Better Than SSDI

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Disability insurance is very different the Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), but many people do not understand the differences. Knowing which is better suited for you is important but may not always be easy to figure out on your own. A disability attorney can help you determine the best way to go and even help you navigate through to a settlement if you need it. 

Social Security Disability Income

Most people know social security as the government-run program that provides income to retirees and the disabled. While this is true, some limitations are put on the recipient with SSDI, and it is not easy to get. The guidelines that dictate whether a person is disabled or not can be very strict, and even with a qualifying disability, it is possible to get denied because of a minor technicality. 

Because of the way the law is written, often the best solution to getting SSDI is to hire a lawyer that specializes in disability cases. They can help you navigate the system and get through the process, but even then, there is no guarantee that you will get the benefits you need. 

Private Disability Insurance

Offered through your employer, a union, or a private company like Iler and Iler, Private Individual Disability Insurance is not tied to the government guidelines of what disability is. While you have the insurance, you pay the premium like you would for health insurance. With private disability insurance, if you have a claim against the insurance, you may have to fight for it because the insurance company sets the definition of disabled. 

Because the same standards do not govern this insurance as SSDI, you may be able to get a better settlement with it, or you may have a tougher fight to get anything from the insurance company. More often than not, private insurance settlements require a disability attorney and a little persistence to get the benefits you have been paying for. 

Hiring a Disability Lawyer

When you are looking for a lawyer to help you with your claim, you need to make sure the one you hire has a proven track record of positive awards. Often a good disability attorney will not charge you up front for their services because they only take cases they know they have a chance of winning. Larger firms are often better as well because they have the resources to dedicate to your case and get you the settlement or award you need.