Has Your Business Received EPA Complaints? What You Need To Know About The Inspection Process

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If you run a business that is required to adhere to EPA standards, the government takes compliance very seriously. In most cases, they'll conduct routine inspections to ensure that compliance. However, when citizens file complaints about specific companies or organizations, they conduct a more detailed investigation. When that occurs, the government will be looking for any evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the business. If wrongdoing is discovered, the business can expect to receive penalties and fines. They'll also be ordered to clean up the problem and resolve the issues. If your business has received complaints regarding EPA compliance, you need to take the complaints seriously. The first thing you need to do is hire an attorney. They can help you through the process. The next thing you need to do is prepare for the investigation. In addition, here are four steps of the investigation you can prepare for. 

The Initial Inspection

If the EPA has received complaints regarding your business, you can expect an initial inspection. During the initial inspection, the EPA will send inspectors to your place of business to conduct interviews. Inspectors will also gather any necessary evidence they may need, which may include photographs, site samples and records reviews. It's essential that you comply with the initial inspection. 

A Detailed Evaluation

Following the initial inspection, your business will receive a detailed evaluation. This evaluation will be provided to ensure compliance with the Clean Air Act. During this phase of the investigation, the EPA will be working to determine if your business is creating pollution that's affecting the air quality surrounding your commercial property. They'll also work to ensure that your place of business has pollution control devices on site. 

Further Civil Investigation

Once the initial inspection and the detailed evaluation have been completed, there will be a civil investigation. The civil investigation is utilized when a business has a long list of complaints or has been found to be a repeat EPA offender. During this phase, all previous complaints will be investigated to determine if there is a pattern of abuse regarding EPA standards. 

Thorough Review of Records

Finally, once all other phases of the investigation have been completed, there will be a full review of records. During this phase, all records relating to your business will be inspected, including any reports related to the Clean Air Act or Clean Water Act. 

If the EPA has received complaints about your place of business, you need to prepare for the investigation. For assistance with the inspection, be sure to contact an environmental law practice attorney near you as soon as possible.