The 4 Main Questions A Lawyer Will Ask When Meeting About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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During an initial meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer, you can learn a lot about the way Chapter 7 works and its effects on your finances. The lawyer can provide a lot of information and advice about your situation and case, but the attorney will ask you some questions before offering you these details. Here are the four main questions a bankruptcy lawyer will ask you during an initial consultation.

1. Have You Ever Filed for Bankruptcy?

The first thing the attorney may ask is if you have ever filed for bankruptcy. The attorney needs this information to find out if you are eligible to file right now. If you filed for Chapter 7 in the past, you must wait eight years from your previous case filing date before you can file again. If you filed for Chapter 13 last time, you must wait six years. Your lawyer will need to know the exact date you filed to provide an answer to you.

2. How Much Money Do You Earn?

Next, if you want to file for bankruptcy, your lawyer will ask you how much money you earn. You cannot use Chapter 7 if you earn too much money. If you are more interested in Chapter 13, you cannot use it unless you earn enough money. Bankruptcy law has income rules for both chapters, and your lawyer can explain those to you if you have questions.

3. What Types of Debts Do You Have?

The next thing your lawyer will ask is about the types of debts you have. Chapter 7 offers relief for unsecured debts, but it does not help much with secured debts. Therefore, your lawyer must know the debts you owe before offering advice about your situation. It is helpful to bring a list of your debts to this visit to show the lawyer.

4. Are You Interested in Learning About Alternative Options to Bankruptcy?

The other question the lawyer might ask is if you are interested in learning about the alternative options to bankruptcy. Bankruptcy might be right for you, but it not the best choice in debt relief for all situations. It can help to hear about the alternatives before deciding.

Bankruptcy attorneys need to know the answers to these questions before offering guidance and advice. If you would like information about chapter 7 bankruptcy and your situation, schedule a consultation visit with a bankruptcy lawyer in your city.