Three Myths To Be Aware Of Regarding Social Security Disability

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When you are unable to continue working and earn money to keep your household going, social security disability benefits can help fill that gap that you are missing. Some people may be uncertain as to whether they have a disability that qualifies them for benefits, which can make things feel a bit intimidating. The same is true even for those who feel more certain about their disability. There is a lot of paperwork involved, in addition to medical exams and the possibility of being denied for benefits. Despite the horror stories that you may hear, there are many misconceptions that surround social security disability benefits. Keep reading to learn a few of them.

Myth: All Applications Are Denied Initially

It is true that there is a high denial rate for social security disability benefit applications. However, this does not mean that each and every application that is submitted is denied. As long as you take your time and are careful to ensure that you submit all the necessary documents, and do not make any mistakes in the application, you increase your chances of being approved. To further increase your chances of approval from the get-go, you should consider speaking to a social security disability lawyer who can help you through the entire application process. In the event that your application is denied, they can help you through the appeals process.

Myth: All of Your Lost Wages Will Be Replaced with the Benefits

Some people believe that they will be able to replace all of the wages that they have lost from not being able to work with the social security disability benefits that they receive. Unfortunately, this is generally not the case. The benefits you receive tend to be somewhat modest. While these particular benefits can definitely help you when you are in financial need, they are not designed to replace all of your lost income. Luckily, if you are eligible for social security disability benefits, there is a good chance you are also eligible for other benefits, including Supplement Security Income.

Myth: You Will Receive These Benefits for the Rest of Your Life

While it is entirely possible for someone to receive social security disability benefits until death, it is important to understand that the benefits are not automatic or guaranteed. Your condition is reviewed by the Social Security Administration on a periodic basis. If your condition is expected to improve, then it is likely for these reviews to take place every few years. If it is not anticipated for your condition to improve, then you can expect your case to be reviewed every seven years.

If you have any questions or need help filing for benefits, contact a local social security disability lawyer.