How Much Should You Pay For Your Accident Attorney?

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Legal costs are known to be costly, but that doesn't mean it's not affordable. If you have been in an accident, you may be keenly aware of how much the accident is costing you. Adding on to that cost may not be what you want. However, read below and learn why all accident victims can likely afford legal help if another driver caused the accident.

Ways to Pay Legal Costs

Lawyers generally charge for their services in one of three main ways. Contingency fee arrangements, by the hour, or by the service. A contingency fee involves the lawyer being paid from money owed to the victim of a car accident. Hourly fees are often paid with a retainer (upfront money) and then charged against the retainer. Fees for services are charged by the job done. The client might pay a fixed fee for the lawyer to do a limited amount of work on a case.

Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury attorneys generally use a contingency fee arrangement, and that tends to help injured victims deal with their cases in the most affordable manner. For what everyone needs to know about this manner of dealing with legal fees, read on:

  • Contingency fee attorneys are paid a percentage of the settlement or the court judgment. Percentages vary based on the experience of the attorney, the area of the country, the complexities of the case, and more. Fees may also vary based on whether the case settles or goes to court.
  • Not every accident case is appropriate for contingency fee arrangements. Your case is evaluated, and your lawyer will discuss the costs of representation with you before you sign a contract. If you are not physically injured in the accident, you may be better off sticking with what the insurer is offering you since personal injury cases require an injury to be present. Other types of cases that might not be right for a contingency fee deal include situations involving multiple vehicle drivers, uncertain or shared fault, counterclaims and suits, and more.
  • In most contingency fee cases, the victim does not have to pay their attorney if they don't win their case. That also means that an attorney is only likely to be interested in cases that are likely to result in a good monetary settlement. After all, they don't want to work on a case that they don't think they can win.

Speak to a personal injury lawyer about your case and find out more about contingency fee arrangements.

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