When You Need Help Right After an Accident

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If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, you may need assistance with some things right away. Read on to find out more about some primary expenses and how to get paid for the accident.

Who Pays the Vehicle Bills?

If you and the driver that caused the accident are insured, both insurers may step in initially. You should be letting your own insurer know about the accident as soon as possible. Once they determine the facts, you might be issued a check to cover your immediate transportation needs. Here is how that usually works:

  1. Once you inform your insurer of the accident, they do some investigating. They usually access the accident report and speak with the people to whom the vehicle was towed.
  2. The information gathered helps your insurer to determine who is likely to have been at fault and the condition of the vehicle. They may also require an estimate, but they will usually arrange to tow your vehicle to an approved shop first.
  3. If your insurer pays you for your vehicle repair or replacement (if the vehicle is a total loss), they will then file a claim against the at-fault driver's insurer and be reimbursed for any money spent.
  4. If you need a rental car because your repair or replacement is taking too long, turn first to your insurer. If your policy does not cover a rental car, the other driver's insurer must foot the bill for you. However, your insurer may or may not arrange for that to happen for you. If not, you can either ask the other driver's insurer directly, send them a letter of demand, or speak to a personal injury lawyer.

Medical Bills

When you arrive at the emergency room, tell them that you were hurt in an auto accident. They will get your insurance information as well as your health insurance information. In most cases, they will bill your insurer for treatment. Then, your insurer will bill the other driver's insurer for reimbursement.

Other Forms of Damage

Beyond your vehicle and medical expenses, you may have other covered expenses. However, some of them are not likely to be paid right away. First, speak to a personal injury lawyer and get them started on your case. Once you do that, your attorney will be the communicator between you and the insurers. Likely, victims with medical expenses will be eligible for these additional expenses:

  • Pain and suffering – The way the accident injuries have impacted your life and the mental issues that arise from the accident and medical treatments.
  • Lost wages – You are entitled to be paid for all time missed from work.

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