Building A Defense For An OVI Offense

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Operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI) often happens because the driver is not consciously aware of what he or she is doing. An impaired mental state due to being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is one of the most common causes of fatal collisions. Impaired drivers often speed, drive sporadically, and even fall asleep behind the wheel, which is why committing such an offense comes with strict legal penalties. However, not every OVI offense should come with the same penalties, as what led to the situation could differ for every offender. To make sure you receive fair treatment after committing an OVI offense, be sure to hire a lawyer to review your case and build a defense.

Consider Previous OVI Offenses

Was this your first time committing an OVI offense and you are surprised about the penalties you are facing? If you believe that the penalties are too severe for a first OVI offense, you might be right. A lawyer will assess the penalties you are faced with and consider any OVI offenses that were committed in the past. If you do not have any past OVI offenses, a lawyer will consider other aspects of your case before considering how to move forward with building a defense. You might be asked questions regarding why you were impaired, such as if someone spiked your drink.

Other Crimes Committed While Impaired

If you are facing penalties because you committed other crimes while impaired, it is a serious reason to hire a lawyer. Even if you caused an accident that did not result in any injuries, it is considered serious in the eyes of the law. A lawyer will assess the accident report and your overall case to determine what a fair sentence is. Just because you got into a collision while impaired, it does not mean that you caused the collision. A lawyer will investigate your case from every angle to ensure you are not being wrongly held accountable.

Weighing Your Options for the Crime Committed

After determining what you are guilty of, a lawyer will discuss your options in the situation. For example, he or she might recommend that you accept a plea deal if it is in your best interest. In some cases, a lawyer can get an OVI offense dismissed altogether. For example, if the offense is due to you being drugged by someone, you should not have to pay for the crime.

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