How To Prepare For An Attorney Consultation For Your Worker's Comp Case

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If you have been injured on the job and are having trouble collecting compensation, then meeting with an attorney is one of the best things you can do. You deserve to get compensation not just for the initial and ongoing treatment of your injuries, but also for lost wages and benefits. The following can help you prepare for your consultation with a worker's compensation attorney

Work and Compensation History

In order to properly begin building your case, your lawyer will need to have some information about more than just the cause and results of the accident. Take the time to gather documentation about your employment history. This should include how long you have been working for the company, the job description, your wages and benefits, and your general work history. Also, include documentation of any special training or certifications you have earned, either independently or via your job, for the position that you do. Your attorney will use this information to build a case. For example, if you were injured operating a piece of equipment where industry standards dictate special training is suggested, and this training wasn't provided, the attorney may be able to use this information to your benefit.

Accident Documentation

Naturally, you will want to bring full documentation of the actual accident and treatment. A copy of the accident report made by the company, as well as all documentation from doctor's visits -- including diagnosis and treatments -- will be needed. Additional documentation detailing special circumstances should also be provided. For example, if the unsafe condition that led to your accident had been previously reported and ignored, being able to document this can help your attorney show workplace negligence. Other examples of accident documentation include HR reports on lost wages, receipts for transportation to medical appointments, and anything else that lead to a monetary loss as a direct or indirect result of your accident.

A List of Questions

Finally, brainstorm a few questions you will ask the attorney during this initial consultation. The list should contain the obvious, such as the amount of compensation the lawyer will charge, how they accept payment, and whether payment is still due if you lose the case. Other important questions include how much time the firm will dedicate to your case, your options in pursuing compensation, and what your time commitment to the process will be. Spend some time thinking about your questions and then write them down, so you don't forget them during the meeting.

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